Sunkissed Iowa City Tanning Products

Get "Sunkissed" For Your Perfect Tan

We help you to achieve the tan you're after, whether you're looking for a sun kissed glow or a beachy bronze. We have three different level beds (standing and lay down) that will help you attain the type of tan you want. In addition to our tanning beds, we also offer Mystic Tan and the Aqua Massage Bed. Don't forget to ask us about our teeth whitening and waxing services while you're here!

Specialty Products

Mystic Spray Tan Booth

Mystic Tan is a spray-on, UV-Free tan that goes on smooth and even in less than 60 seconds. The time-released formula develops an even, natural looking tan within hours.  The Mystic Tans patented technology uses the natural magnetic properties of the human body to evenly attract mystic mists to every exposed surface of skin. With proper skin care, you can maintain the natural looking golden tan for up to a week or longer!

A UV-Free tan that takes only seconds to apply. Mystic Tanning Salons provide a barrier cream for your nails and palms of your hands.
When ready, activate voice guide by pushing a green button. Starting in the front, the mist is applied for about 15 seconds on each side of you with a pause to warn you to turn around.  When finished, you dry off starting at your feet and working up. Tan lasts for approximately 4 to 7 days. Not recommended if you are planning to go in chlorine or salt water due to streaking. Make sure to exfoliate well the day before tanning for best results.

Mystic sessions are $15 each


Aqua Massage Bed

Dry hydrotherapy (also known as hydromassage, aquamassage, water massage) is a self-contained massage device consisting of a table. The individual lies back completely clothed on top of a water-proof barrier that contains interior jets, which rotate and pulsate while releasing streams of pressurized heated water along the body. The pressure of the water against the body provides the massage. It is intended to relieve pain, increasing blood circulation and range of motion.

The benefits include: reduction of muscle spasms, increased circulation, increased flexibility, increased joint mobility and range of motion, an analgesic effect, promotion of tissue healing, break down of aberrant adhesions, relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress, increased endorphin production, stimulation of the lymphatic system to remove metabolic toxins, and soothes and relaxes.

Clients are able to adjust the pulsation, depth and pressure. They are also able to concentrate on specific troubled areas.

Aqua massage sessions are $1/min